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Technologies 8pcs Replacement Antennas for High Power Signal Jammer hshstzncYlv NavtechGPS.

Product Description

Are you afraid that your jammer can’t be used any more once the signal jammer antennas are broken? In the past maybe this is a problem, but now it is not a problem if you gain the replacement antennas for your signal jammer. And here this 8pcs Replacement Antennas for Signal Jammer that being introduced is just the antennas for signal jammers. And then you can have a look at the details of it.

Once using the 8pcs antennas for signal jammer soon you can use your jammer back to normal work as before, but what you need to pay attention is that this 8pcs antennas for jammer is only suitable for the following jammers and they are All 3G 4G Cell Phone Signal Jammer and GPS WiFi LoJack Jammer(European Version)(JASM132841-EU), All 3G 4G Cell Phone Signal Jammer and GPS WiFi LoJack Jammer(USA Version)(JASM132842-US),All Frequency 3G 4G Wimax Phone Blocker WiFi Jammer & GPS VHF UHF Jammer (European Version)(JASM132843),and 3G 4G LTE Phone WiFi Blocker& GPS VHF UHF All Frequency Jammer(USA Version)(JASM132844) and this 8pcs antennas for jammer is not suitable for other types of jammers.

So if you just own the above types of jammers and the antennas are broken then just come here and get the 8pcs antennas for signal jammer as the replacement and make your jammer back to normal work.


  • Antennas for Jammer model JASM132841-EU,JASM132842-US,JASM132843,JASM132844


  • 8pcs Replacement Jammer Antennas


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